Cannabis Licensing Authority ready to accept applications on April 4.

The Cannabis Licensing Authority has announced that it will be ready to accept applications for ganja licences on Monday, April 4.

The regulations that will allow for the granting of licenses have been drafted, and are being reviewed ahead of finalisation and approval. This approval is expected in the next two weeks.

The regulations will allow for the publishing of application forms as well as the furnishing of information to potential licensees on eligibility criteria and the terms and conditions of the licences. 

Under the regulations, eleven types of licences across five main categories will be available. These include cultivation, transportation, processing, and retailing.

The regulations also make special provisions for small farmers, cooperatives, and small-scale processors to participate in the industry. The Cannabis Licensing Authority has also stated that, as a special concession to encourage small farmers, it will waive the up-front payment of licensing fees for the first year of operations.

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