Caricel employees concerned about police raid at company office

Employees of  telecoms firm Caricel say they are still in the dark on the purpose of  yesterday's police raid on the company's office on Eastwood Avenue in St. Andrew.

The cops spent several hours searching the building.

Radio Jamaica News was told that the employees were escorted off  the property and te police later cordoned off  the entrance.

An employee of  Caricel, John Allen, says the cops were tightlipped on the operation:

“They placed all of the employees in one area, they searched everybody, they took me outside and searched by car. They asked me where I worked , they asked who the care belonged to .....” Allen said. 

Symbiote Investments, which trades as Caricel, halted operations following an Appeal Court decision handed down in March last year.

The court also set aside the order granting it permission to appeal. 

In 2018 the telecommunications licences issued to Symbiote were revoked.


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