Caricel granted stay of order revoking its licences

Patrick Bailey, one of the attorneys for Caricel
Telecommunications company Caricel has received a stay of the order revoking its licences until January 14.
The company has also been granted leave to appeal a Supreme Court ruling refusing its request to seek judicial review of the technology minister's decision to yank its licences.
The rulings were obtained on Monday in the Appeal Court.
Patrick Bailey, one of the attorneys for Caricel, says the parties are to return to court on January 14 when the substantive issues in the case will be heard.
"We're going to be saying the minister's action was in the first place irrational because it was being based on an allegation that one of the principals who's said to have an adverse trace, which has never been defined...that he's the signatory of a company account that is in the name of Symbiote/Caricel. We are saying further that even if he were on that account, the minister's action in revoking the licence was entirely disproportionate to what it is being alleged that was the infraction, and thirdly, the whole thing is just egregious," said Mr. Bailey. 
He said revocation of the licences would be catastrophic for Caricel, which has already invested more than $9 billion to acquire telecommunications equipment. 
On April 10, the Government notified Symbiote, which trades as Caricel, that its licences had been yanked.
Caricel later wrote to former Minister of Technology Dr. Andrew Wheatley urging him to reconsider the decision.
RJR News was subsequently told that Caricel was given a chance to convince the government not to revoke its licences.

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