Caricel withdraws appeal against Supreme Court ruling

Telecommunications company Caricel has withdrawn its appeal against last month's ruling by Supreme Court judge Justice Leighton Pusey, denying its application for Judicial Review.
The application was withdrawn this morning.
Minett Lawrence, Caricel Company Secretary, explained the company's decision, saying a correspondence sent by regulators to Caricel after Justice Pusey's ruling was to assure the company that the regulators were not proceeding in a  draconian manner. 

"The application was withdrawn because all of the lawyers for the regulators were unanimous and far more clear in there submissions that they had no intention of proceeding under the more punitive sections of the Act and that they were only going forward under the section which is a fact finding, information gathering enquiry," she said. 

In regards to what the company will do in the interim, Mrs. Lawrence said:

"Whatever questions the regulator asks of us that are within the remit of the Act, we will respond to them and cooperate with them with whatever inquiries they have, and if at any time we feel that they are not abiding by the four corners of the law, then we will ask the court to intervene again."

Caricel had sought leave to seek judicial review of two letters that were received from the Spectrum Management Authority and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), which it said contained errors.
The company felt that it was part of efforts by the Jamaican Government to take away its licence.

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