Cash plus group says politicians got money from the ponzi scheme.

A little known group claiming to be the voice for investors of the failed investment scheme, Cash Plus, has blasted the governing People's National Party (PNP) and the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) over their handling of the affair.

In a statement exclusive to RJR News on Friday, the group, calling itself Friends of Cash Plus, bemoaned what it described as the hypocrisy of the two major political parties, both alleged recipients of large donations from Cash Plus Limited.

The Spokesman for Friends of Cash Plus, Berton Smith, said both parties presided over what he claims is the unlawful receivership of the Carlos Hill led Cash Plus Group.    

Smith has alleged that both parties benefited from millions of dollars of Cash Plus funds. He is claiming that during the last week before the 2007 general election, some candidates were the recipients of Cash Plus funds for their constituency campaign activities.

He claims that while the JLP was in government the illegal receivership action was taken and the PNP continued that process and it is now time for action.  Smith has also threatened to go public with details.

Friends of Cash Plus was reportedly formed in January 2008.



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