CDEMA Head tours Eastern Caribbean countries devastated by Christmas floods

Marilyn Facey of RJR, interviews Ronald Jackson, Director General, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

Ronald Jackson, Director General of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), toured several islands of the Eastern Caribbean devastated by floods caused by a trough on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The worse hit states were St. Vincent & the Grenadines and St. Lucia where lives were lost and infrastructure extensively damaged, as well as Dominica which also had significant damage.

Mr. Jackson spoke with RJR's Marilyn Facey on Saturday night about his observations up to that point and plans for response and recovery.

In part one of the interview, they spoke mostly of the situation in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, where, up to the time of the interview, eigh persons had been confirmed dead and five were still missing. Mr. Jackson said "300-500 homes" had also been destroyed, leaving hundreds of people homeless.

You may click on the link above for part one of the interview.


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