Central High teachers protest against school chairman

A teacher at Central High School in Clarendon
Classes have been disrupted at Central High in Clarendon as teachers are protesting outside the gate to the institution, again calling for the removal of the Chairman.
Students turned up Wednesday morning to find the gate padlocked.
The locks were removed by fire personnel.
However, while the students proceeded to their classrooms, the teachers, clad in black, stayed outside the gate.
"This morning again, we've decided to stand before the gate and to make our point seen and heard that Central High teachers, Central High staff will not back down until the chairman is gone. We want our school to move forward and our school cannot move forward until this chairman is gone," said one teacher who spoke with RJR News
She said the teachers will remain at the gate for the remainder of the day.
The teachers, who have been protesting for several weeks, staged a sit-in on Tuesday.
They are awaiting responses from the Ministry of Education and Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon Mike Henry.

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