Chang insists he is signing SOE detention orders as soon as he receives them

Dr. Horace Chang
National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang has insisted he is signing detention orders as soon as he gets them for persons held under the state of emergency to appear before the tribunal set up to hear their grouses.
It is only after the minister has signed these detention orders that the tribunal can hear appeals by detainees.
However, there have been complaints about delays in the signing of these detention orders. 
"I think we have a total of about 36 or 37. I sign all of them that come my desk. They don't stay there for more than a day. In fact, the length of time they stay depends on the time it takes the lawyers to draft the appropriate documents," he asserted in his defence. 
The Emergency Powers Review Tribunal for the State of Emergency in St. James is to resume its sittings on Wednesday.
It is expected to hear any objection that might be brought by six detainees whose detention orders were recently signed by the Minister of National Security.

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