Changes coming to allow smoother traffic flow along Portmore toll road

Stephen Shaw, Communication Manager at the NWA
Changes are coming to allow for a freer flow of traffic for users of the Portmore toll who have been complaining about delays since the opening of the Chesterfield Drive Bypass off Spanish Town Road.
Stephen Shaw, Communication Manager at the National Works Agency, says discussions have been taking place with stakeholders to decide on what adjustments can be made.
Mr. Shaw says one of the problems identified is the movement of pedestrians across the different roads.
"Every time a pedestrian tries to go from north to south along the toll or Marcus Garvey Drive, it means there has to be a stop in the traffic and you have this ripple effect sending traffic all the way back to the toll plaza; and so one of the things that we are looking at is to certainly restrict that type of movement with the assistance of the JUTC and the other public passenger operating entities," he said. 
The Chesterfield Drive bypass is designed to accommodate motorists from Portia Simpson Miller Square going towards downtown Kingston.
Motorists going to Half-Way-Tree may also use it as an option to get on to East Avenue from Marcus Garvey Drive.

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