"Child Labour remains a problem in Jamaica" - US Department of State

The US Department of State says child labour remains a problem in Jamaica, with many children involved in illicit activities, such as scamming.
In its latest human rights report released yesterday, it acknowledges that the minimum age for general employment is 15, with the law allowing children between ages 13 and 15 to engage in light work.
But it says the government did not effectively enforce its child labor laws because of  limited capacity on the part of  the Labour Ministry.
The State department says child domestic workers may be subject to servitude and some children reported missing in Jamaica were subjected to forced labor.
In addition, it says children performed dangerous tasks in street work and also engaged in the worst forms of  child labor, including in commercial sexual exploitation.
And children were engaged in illicit activities, including executing financial scams as well as serving as drug couriers and dealers.
They also worked in the farming, fishing, construction, and retail sectors, as well as in garbage scavenging and the scrap metal trade.

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