Clarendon police ramping up operations to nab criminals

Senior Superintendent Glenford Miller, head of the Clarendon Police
The Clarendon Police will be ramping up operations in May Pen as part of efforts to nab more criminals.
Sixty per cent of crimes in Clarendon occurred in May Pen.
Senior Superintendent Glenford Miller, the new head of the Clarendon Police, said operational changes will also be made to ensure the parish is safe.
Attention will be placed on the May Pen town centre. 
"Our major township must be safe. It must be a place where persons want to come and do their business and feel safe and comfortable because whenever the township is not safe, nobody will come and do business in the town. So what will happen now, even the business owner will have to migrate. We cannot afford for that to happen," he said.   
SSP Miller called for the May Pen business community to support the police. 
"We are trying to see how best we can actually stop the blood-letting and if we don't know where the guns are, we cannot take them away from the criminals," he asserted. 
Seventy-eight people have been killed in the parish since the start of the year.

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