Compassionate Care Programme to be implemented in all public health facilities - Tufton

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has announced that there will be a full implementation of the Compassionate Care Programme in all public health facilities by the end of the year.
In an interview with the Jamaica Information Service, Dr. Tufton said the programme has so far been implemented in six facilities.
The Compassionate Care Programme aims to enhance the psychological wellness of patients as a means of promoting speedy recovery. 
It focuses on the recruitment, training and organising of volunteers to provide additional support in administering compassionate care to patients during the recovery process or while they wait for treatment.
The programme also includes improvement to the aesthetics of  waiting areas of clinics and hospitals.
Some $100 million is to finance the initial implementation of the programme in Accident and Emergency departments in 18 hospitals.
Dr. Tufton said 500 public health workers have been trained since the start of the programme.

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