Construction worker sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing ex-girlfriend

Phillip Brown the construction worker who a year ago killed his ex-girlfriend at Crystal Towers on Old Hope Road in St Andrew was on Friday sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Brown, who is 36 years old, will have to serve ten years before becoming eligible for parole.
Mr. Brown pleaded guilty in October to using a sledge hammer to inflict head wounds to 31 year old Kerry Ann Wilson last December while she was asleep.
Miss Wilson was pregnant.
He wrapped the body in tarpaulin and was attempting to throw it in a nearby gully when he was accosted by the watchman at the apartmernt complex.
Mr. Brown left and surrendered to the police a day later.
During the sentence hearing on Friday, his attorney, Anthony Williams, said Mr. Brown was traumised by Miss Wilson breaking off  their relationship and becoming pregnant for another man.
He said his client loved Miss Wilson and was trying to reconcile with her to save the relationship.
The two had a child together.
Mr. Williams said his client was remorseful.
In passing sentence, Justice Martin Gayle told Brown that he had no love for Ms Wilson as he killed her after having sex with her.
The judge said he was concerned by comments by Brown who reportedly told members of his community that he would only get seven years in prison.

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