Consumer confidence improves

Don Anderson
Consumer confidence in the economy has gone up.
Presenting the latest results from the survey of Business and Consumer Confidence on Tuesday morning, lead researcher Don Anderson said the Consumer Confidence Index for the third quarter recorded a rate of 151.1.
This is an improvement above the 149.3 recorded for the second quarter of the year.
Mr. Anderson said Jamaicans are upbeat about the country's economic prospects and are "placing hope in the realisation of jobs."
He said a big reason for this could be the boom in the construction sector. 
"There has been a significant amount of construction activity over the last year and there have been announcements recently of more construction activity to take place. What this is doing, of course, is absorbing a significant percentage of the unskilled labour," he reported. 
He also announced that businesses expressed a greater degree of economic confidence. The survey found that 50 per cent of firms expect an improved economy.

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