Contract workers call for re-instatement of Richard Azan

A group of contract workers picketed the offices of the National Works Agency (NWA), on Monday calling for the re-instatement of Richard Azan to the post of State Minister in the Ministry of Transport , Works and Housing.

According to the workers, Azan did nothing wrong by facilitating the construction of shops at the Spalding market in the central parish of Clarendon.     

“So we don’t see anything wrong with building ten shops and they want to prosecute him for building ten shops. So that’s why we are out here protesting. No one sent us here , we want the whole Jamaica to see that country people are here for Mr. Azan, he shouldn’t resign because    he has done nothing wrong,” said Donna Thomas, one of the NWA contract workers.

And efforts are being made to fill gaps at the Ministry following Azan’s resignation on Friday.

Dr. Omar Davies, Transport, Works and Housing Minister, Azan's departure has left a huge void but in the interim, arrangements are being made to cover the duties, which were carried out by the former junior Minister.

“Richard was on the road, literally 24/7 and I handled the major policy issues, so there is going to be need for someone like Richard. He was on t he road in terms of projects etc. But I have not yet discussed this with the Prime minister,” Davies said.



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