Contractor-General names National Contracts Commissions members

Dirk Harrison, Contractor-General, on Monday presented the newly-selected members and chairperson of the National Contracts Commission (NCC) with their Instruments of Appointment. They will serve for seven years.

The Chairman of the Contracts Commission is Raymond McIntyre. The other members are Kayla Sewell Mills, Hope Blake, Earl Patterson, Gary Lawrence and Donald Moore. It is expected that two additional members will be presented with Instruments of Appointment.

The National Contracts Commission is an independent anti-corruption entity. Some of its duties include reviewing and endorsing recommendations for the award of Government contracts above J$10 million.

It is also responsible for registering and classifying contractors, and making recommendations to Cabinet for improving the efficiency of the procedures for the granting and implementation of contracts.  

The eight members of the NCC are appointed by the Governor-General.

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