Cop takes FLA to court for revoking his gun licence

A legal battle is now looming between a policeman and the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) over its decision to revoke his firearm licence.
Lawyers for Constable Sancho Summerville on Monday filed contempt of court action against the Board of the FLA and the Chief Executive Officer, Shane Dalling.
Lead attorney Hugh Wildman told RJR News that action was taken after the FLA allegedly violated a court order to return the policeman's licensed firearm.
Mr. Wildman said his client took the FLA to court more than two months ago after his firearm was seized by the agency following a complaint filed by one of his superiors in the Manchester Police Division.
Constable Summerville sought leave for judicial review of the FLA's decision to seize his firearm.
In granting leave for judicial review, Justice Courtney Day reportedly gave the FLA 45 days to return the policeman's gun unless it had additional reasons to keep it.
Mr. Wildman claimed the 45 day order expired and the FLA revoked the policeman's firearm licence.
He argued that the claim filed on Monday accused Mr. Dalling and the FLA Board of violating an order of the Supreme Court and should be cited for contempt of court.

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