Cops in controversial Spanish Town shooting remanded

Corporal Kirk Frazer and Corporal Rhamone Scott, the two policemen at the centre of the recent controversial shootings in Spanish Town, St. Catherine were remanded Monday afternoon when they appeared before the Home Circuit Court.
The matter is now set for hearing on July 2.
Justice Cresencia Brown Beckford, who is presiding over the matter, was Monday told that several documents are outstanding.
Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn told the court that she is awaiting hard copies of the post mortem and ballistics reports as well as a statement from the Superintendent in Charge of St. Catherine Police on aspects of the case.
A report on the cell phone taken from Corporal Rhamone Scott is also outstanding.
The DPP said it will take one month for the documents to be submitted.
Both cops were ordered to give fingerprints to the police.
Corporal Frazer is being represented by Attorney Valerie Neita Robertson while Attorney Althea Grant represents Corporal Rhamone Scott.
Mrs. Neita Robertson said she was unable to make a bail application on behalf of her client as she is awaiting the documents from the prosecution relating to the case.
Corporal Frazer and Corporal Rhamone Scott were charged on Friday with nine offences. 
Each officer was charged jointly with seven offences.
Corporal Scott was charged separately with two other offences.
The charges are in relation to the murder of Sheldon Daley, shooting with intent of  two police officers, illegal possession of two firearms and the cop's illegal possession of their ammunition.
They are also charged with manslaughter arising from the motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Brunswick Avenue and Job Lane which claimed the life of Kevron Burrell.

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