Cornwall Regional executive gives reason for moving renal patients

Dr. Delroy Fray, Clinical Coordinator at Cornwall Regional Hospital
Dr. Delroy Fray, Clinical Coordinator at Cornwall Regional Hospital, has provided an explanation for the decision to move renal patients and staff from the institution a week after he denied receiving complaints they were being affected by noxious fumes.
Patients at the Renal Unit have been relocated to three private facilities in Montego Bay, St. James. 
The move followed complaints by nurses who reported coughing up blood and experiencing skin rashes.
But on Thursday afternoon, Dr. Fray told RJR News that he began receiving complaints right after his statements last week. 
"After I made that statement, about a day or two later... there were six staff (members) that were complaining about air quality issues, and once you see that trend start, it doesn't make sense you procrastinate. So what I did, our team came together and developed a plan," he purported. 
Dr. Fray said the decision was made to use private facilities because it would have been difficult to quickly relocate the unit.
He said that will be done in the next three weeks. 
In the meantime, renal patients have expressed satisfaction with the new facilities.
One patient, Garnett Colters, said particles in the air at Cornwall Regional had caused itching on the skin. He said he is relieved to be in a more sterile environment. 
Andre Nelson, Managing Director of Zierlich Dialysis Centre, which is one of the three private facilities to which Cornwall Regional renal patients have been relocated, said his company has been asked to help for the next two to four weeks, but would be happy to assist for longer if necessary. 
"Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we've managed to allocate those days to our patients, so Cornwall Regional staff, they've got full access to our facility on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays," he outlined. 

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