Corporal Arlene McBean challenges removal from Police Federation presidency

Attorney-at-law Hugh Wildman


Corporal Arlene McBean, recently removed from her post as chairman of the Jamaica Police Federation, has taken legal action challenging that decision.

She wants the Supreme Court to reinstate her immediately.

On Monday her attorney, Hugh Wildman, filed an application in the court seeking an injunction in relation to the matter.

Mr. Wildman told RJR News that Corporal McBean was entitled to serve as Federation Chairman until May, but on January 29 the Central Executive of  the Federation met and decided to replace her with Inspector Sheldon Gordon.

He's insisting that "she was unconstitutionally removed from her post by those who are now sitting in the chair."

For some time prior to that decision she had been facing criticism in relation to her leadership of  the organization.

When contacted Monday night Inspector Gordon said he was not aware that Corporal McBean had taken legal action.

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