Corporate Area water storage levels still low

Charles Buchanan, Corporate Communications Manager, National Water Commission


Water levels at the Corporate Area's two main catchment facilities remain critically low despite the increase in rainfall.

The Mona Reservoir and the Hermitage Dam are still below 50 per cent of capacity.

The National Water Commission (NWC) says the rainfall over the last three days has not been enough to improve inflows at the two facilities.

Charles Buchanan, Corporate Communications Manager at NWC, told RJR News that the water level at Mona Reservoir had moved up by only one per cent, to 30.6% from Monday to Tuesday.

“Similarly,” he said, “we have had a small movement in the case of the Hermitage Dam, where the day before we were at 43.7 per cent and today (Tuesday) we are at 43.8 per cent.

He said it will take a period of sustained rainfall for the situation to improve significantly.

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