Crime fighting strategies - a success in Clarendon

Head of the Clarendon Police Division Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell  says recently introduced strategies aimed at clamping down on major crimes in sections of the parish have been effective.

Superintendent Cameron-Powell made that assertion at the recent monthly meeting of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation. 

 She says major crimes have reflected a significant decline, in comparison to recent months when the police had to be responding to several murder and shooting scenes:.

“We are trying our very best to police this parish. Last week we had no major crimes in this parish. It’s policing strategies. We have change some strategies inside south and central (Clarendon). Strategies that we will never be disclosing - strategies that are working for us,” she said. 

Superintendent Cameron Powell added that the Clarendon police are committed to preventing criminals from running rampant in the parish. 

Meanwhile, the Clarendon Police Division is commending representatives of the Clarendon Municipal Corporation for their support in fighting crime in the parish.

The Clarendon Divisional Head  said the support been given by the Municipal authorities is greatly appreciated.

“Your Councillors, most of them understand peace and safety and the last time I came here I asked them to assist in the process of securing the various divisions….. and I’m grateful to see them onboard.”


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