Crime prevention strategies to be strengthened in 2014

The government has announced that it will be strengthening its crime prevention strategies for 2014, by focusing on community policing and other measures outlined in the National Crime Prevention and Community Safety Strategy (NCPCSS).

According to Courtney Brown, Director of Crime Prevention and Community Safety in the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry has recognised that additional attention needs to be paid to approaches that emphasize prevention.

At a recent JIS (Jamaica Information Service) Think Tank, he noted that for some time, the focus has been on crime control, but he believes that prevention strategies combined with law enforcement approaches would yield more positive results.

He said  for 2014 and beyond greater emphasis will be placed on engaging communities in the crime prevention programmes.

This will be done through strategies such as community policing, restorative justice and alternative dispute resolution, violence interruption, trauma management, victim support, and child diversion measures.

A National Conference on Youth Violence as well as a new Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP), which will continue into 2017, are among the early prevention strategies to be implemented.

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