Curfews imposed in sections of Trench Town, Admiral Town and Whitfield Town

Curfews have been imposed in sections of  Trench Town and Admiral Town as well as Whitfield Town in Kingston.
A news release from the police says the curfew in Trench Town and Admiral Town will continue until 5am tomorrow .
The boundaries are: north along Lincoln Avenue from Maxfield Avenue to Greenwich Crescent; south along Third Street from Collie Smith Drive continuing onto White Street, Harris Street and Raphael Avenue to Maxfield Avenue; east along Greenwich Crescent from Lincoln Avenue continuing onto Collie Smith Drive to Third Street and west along Maxfield Avenue from Raphael Avenue to Lincoln Avenue. 
The  curfew imposed in Whitfield Town is also scheduled to end at 5am tomorrow.
The boundaries are north along Pretoria Road from Bertram Lane to Maxfield Avenue; south along Fitzgerald Avenue from Maxfield Avenue to Bertram Lane; east along Maxfield Avenue from Pretoria Road to Fitzgerald Avenue and west along Bertram Lane from Fitzgerald Avenue to Pretoria Road.

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