Cuthbert Flynn reignites debate to legalise abortion

Debate has started in the House of  Representatives on a motion aimed at allowing Jamaican women to safely have abortions.

The motion was moved by Member of  Parliament for St. Andrew West Rural, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, who began the debate yesterday.

Cuthbert Flynn noted that complications from abortions was the eighth leading cause of  maternal deaths among adolescents in Jamaica.

The Parliamentarian said she felt obligated to do something, citing a story of  one of  her constituents who she said died because of  an unsafe abortion. 

The Jamaican law criminalises any attempt at an abortion, with women who attempt to terminate a pregnancy facing the possibility of  life in prison.

Those who assist in the process can be imprisoned for up to three years. 

Cuthbert Flynn said the illegality of  abortion has not stopped women getting abortions.

She also said  Parliament  needs to take a stand on abortion, regardless of  public opinion.

Debate on the motion has been suspended.


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