Details about incident in which man pulled gun inside NCB branch

Details are emerging about Thursday's incident at the Half-Way-Tree branch of National Commercial Bank (NCB) during which a licensed firearm holder pulled his gun inside the bank causing panic among customers.
A senior investigator told RJR News that the disturbance began shortly after the St. Andrew businessman entered the bank and told one of the cashiers that he wanted to withdraw $700,000 from his account.
After being questioned by the cashier and other personnel at the bank about the amount being withdrawn, the businessman was told to sign two withdrawal forms.
After signing the forms, he was reportedly told to rejoin the line.
He objected and became boisterious.
Security personnel were called to quell the disturbance.
According to the investigator, the situation became tense when security personnel realised that the man was armed.
The investigator said a member of the security team reportedly pulled his pistol and this prompted the businessman to pull his licensed firearm.
During the standoff, customers in the banking hall panicked and began fleeing.
The businessman was eventually escorted out of the building by the security team.
He was taken to Half-Way-Tree police station where he was questioned and his gun seized.
The investigator told RJR News that the police viewed the surveillance video and decided not to charge him.
The matter was then referred to the Firearm Licensing Authority.
A video of the customers fleeing the bank and the security team escorting the businessman out of the institution with his firearm in his hand, has gone viral on social media.

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