Dialogue continues between NWC and CHEC concerning damaged pipelines

The National Water Commission (NWC), has given an update on its quest to get compensation from China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for damage to its pipelines during the ongoing road works. 

NWC President Mark Barnett, has indicated there is dialogue on the matter.

This is a change in position from months ago, when there was rejection by CHEC of  the claim made by the NWC. 

The NWC was taking steps to initiate legal action after not receiving a favourable response to its claim which was more than $200 million.

Mr. Barnett gave an update yesterday while speaking on Beyond The Headlines.

“We are still having that discussion, we got a response from CHEC, we are having an internal consultation with our parent ministry. When those are completed, I’ll be happy to give another update Once you have two parties,one will always so no - we’re not going a particular way -  and one will say yes - we’re going a particular way. It’s just how we meet in the middle,” he said.

CHEC has denied liability, stating that all utility relocation works are the responsibility of  State agencies.

Meanwhile, Barnett, in giving an update on the progress of  repairs on the Mandela Highway pipeline said it's nearly 90 percent complete.



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