Diaspora supports State of Public Emergency in St. James

There is a mixture of  acceptance and concern from members of  the Diaspora in reaction to the State of  Public Emergency imposed in St James.
Reactions from Canada and the US indicate that there is overall agreement that something drastic was needed to deal with the high crime rate in western Jamaica.
Since the state of  emergency took effect on Thursday, there have been heightened discussions about the effect of  the order and the impact on St. James.
Former member of  the Jamaican Advisory Board for Southern US, Marlon Hill, has joined those who accept that strong action was necessary.
"There is some concern but I do laud the fact that the Government had to take proactive action . But we can't continue to condone this  - I think the Jamaican people, even those of us living overseas, we are tired of this. This measure, in my mind, is welcome," Hill said. 
The same sentiment has been expressed by Jamaican Freelance Journalist in Canada Radcliffe Robinson.
However, he is also worried about how the news of  the state of  emergency will spread overseas.
"We have to be careful of what we put out at first.... sometimes we have to be a little tempered in what we are saying. The travel agencies told me that they have had calls from a few people - just asking what's going on," he said. 
Meanwhile, Hill says for himself  and other North Americans when visiting Jamaica, adopt the same approach to safety as they would anywhere else in the world.
"Like anywhere else, you don't go anywhere suspicious, you travel with a group. All the precautions that you would take traveling in South Florida or New York. I would advise people going to Montego Bay to do the same," Hill said in the interview with RJR News. 

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