Divers along Bog Walk Gorge to be compensated

Norman Scott

Norman Scott, Chairman of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, has announced that the divers in the Bog Walk Gorge will now be compensated for their efforts in saving lives and property.
The decision came out of a meeting last Friday with the divers, the Heart Trust/NTA, the Fire Brigade and the police.
Mr. Scott also revealed that an association of about 10 divers will be formed.
The divers will receive further training from Heart and the Fire Brigade.
Mr. Scott said the divers will be compensated for each incident.
"Whenever there is an accident, these persons who are in attendance at the accident, the team leader would now be able to decide how many persons were involved in the rescue operation and so, coming out of that, whatever compensation will be added, will be expended accordingly," he declared.

Funding will come from the municipal corporation, corporate entities, as well as individuals.
In addition, the divers will receive identification cards and equipment, such as oxygen tanks.

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