Donald Trump ordered to pay US$2 million to settle lawsuit against Trump Foundation

A report from the CNN
A New York state judge has ordered United States President Donald Trump to pay US$2 million to settle the civil lawsuit against the Trump Foundation.  
It is alleged that President Trump used money from the Foundation for his presidential campaign in 2016. 
According to the CNN, the Trump Foundation was originally created to donate money to charitable causes but Donald Trump stopped contributing his personal funds a decade ago, instead, relying on other people's money like WWE's Linda McMahon, who with her husband, reportedly donated US$5 million. 
But the New York Attorney General alleges the money did not go to charitable causes at all, but instead helped pay off Trump creditors and helped the then candidate win the White House. 
Justice Saliann Scarpulla did not ban President Trump from serving on the board of any New York nonprofit organization despite his case.

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