DPP to make closing arguments in trial of Kemar Riley

Director of  Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn, is expected to make closing arguments today at the trial of  Kemar Riley, the man accused of  killing a woman and her daughter in Lauriston, St Catherine.

Charmaine Rattray and Joeith Lynch, 18, were murdered at their home on the night of  July 19, 2011.
 They were shot, chopped and beheaded.
During closing arguments yesterday, Riley's attorney, Lloyd McFarlane urged the jury not to accept the alleged jailhouse confession submitted against his client by prosecutors.
He said  Riley should be acquitted as prosecutors have failed to present a case against him.
Prosecutors say Mr Riley was the suspect who fatally shot Lynch.
Investigators reported that members of  the Clansman gang carried out the attack.

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