DPP to review OCG’s referral for criminal prosecution against Cabinet

Director of Public Prosecutions, DPP, Paula Llewellyn, has declined to comment on the decision by the Office of the Contractor-General, OCG, to refer the Cabinet for criminal prosecution.

When contacted by the RJR News Centre, Miss Llewellyn said her office received the document from the OCG on Wednesday evening.

She said her office will conduct a review and adopt the same methodology it does with all matters brought before it.

The DPP said she had no further comment and would issue a response at the appropriate time.

The OCG said it took action after Cabinet failed to comply with statutory requisitions relating to four major investment projects.

The Jamaica Labour Party on Wednesday weighed in on the matter, saying it was extremely concerned at what it described as the deteriorating relationship between Government and the OCG.

On Wednesday, Patrick Atkinson, Attorney-General told the RJR News centre that the OCG's decision will be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet.

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