Duckenfield residents protest unfavourable living conditions

Desmond Plumber, a resident of Duckenfield
Scores of placard bearing residents of Ivan Scheme in Duckenfield, St. Thomas protested Monday morning against unfavourable living conditions.
The residents say raw sewage has been flowing through the community for more than two years and the situation is becoming unbearable. 
The more than seventy units were built and donated by Food for the Poor fifteen years ago after residents relocated from the Duckenfield Barracks. 
The residents, who are set to benefit from eighty houses built under the Government's Barracks Relocation Programme at Hampton Court in St. Thomas, are threatening to move into the units because of the conditions they are facing. 
"If you bath, the water coming up. If rain fall, everything flow over... and the children them, every minute them sick, them have not even know if dem no have cholera or wah," said Desmond Plumber, a resident who spoke with RJR News
The residents also say they have to be paying utility bills for the units at Hampton Court even though they have not moved in. 
They are asking for a waiver.

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