Education Ministry late in announcing limit for school registration packages - Sutherland

Patricia Sutherland
Patricia Sutherland, a member of the PNP's Education Commission, has said the Ministry of Education is late in its announcement on the limit for registration packages for new students this academic year.
State Minister for Education Alando Terrelonge said no more than $5,000 is allowed to be charged for registration packages.  
At a media briefing Monday morning, Ms Sutherland said registration packages have already been sent out for payments by parents. 
"I wonder if he (the state minister) knows that registration packages are put out in early July for every student. Because how could he be making this statement in the two weeks before school start? Did he not consult with principals to know they were going to put out packages? Is it his first time? Does he not have any experience with what is occurring in the education system in Jamaica?" she questioned. 
The Jamaica Labour Party administration has said it abolished mandatory auxiliary fees, thereby giving students universal access to education. 
Schools can, however, ask parents for a contribution, but if they cannot contribute, this should not affect their children's registration. 

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