Eight accused lottery scammers ordered extradited

The eight members of the Lavrick Willocks network who are wanted by the US State Department for lottery scamming have been ordered extradited.  
Parish Judge Vaughn Smith handed down the ruling before the St. Andrew Parish Court on Wednesday afternoon.
US prosecutors say the Jamaicans were members of the network which fleeced millions of dollars from US citizens in North Dakota in the lottery scam.
They submitted evidence of the accused collecting money at a Western Union outlet and tape recordings of them making calls to elderly Americans, who were the primary targets of the scam.  
US prosecutors say they will be using a cooperating member of the network to make their case.
Attorneys for the accused had argued that they should be released as the offences of wire and mail fraud are not on the law books of Jamaica.
Under the Extradition Treaty, the offence must be identical to crimes committed in Jamaica.  
However, judge Smith argued that Section 3 and 35 of the Larceny Act capture the offences of mail and wire fraud.
Willocks and members of his network were captured last year during a major crack down by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Ageny (MOCA) and the Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch (C-TOC).
Willocks was extradited last month after he agreed not to challenge the US request for him.

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