Employers' Federation insists recent IDT rulings biased towards employees

JEF President David Wan
Despite counterclaims from trade unions, the Jamaica Employers' Federation (JEF) is insisting that rulings handed down by the Industrial Disputes Tribunal (IDT) over the last 18 months clearly indicate a bias towards employees.
In an interview with RJR News Monday morning, JEF President David Wan said there were 17 rulings handed down by the IDT during the period.
According to Mr. Wan, the Tribunal ruled in favour of workers in 15 of the cases.
Mr. Wan admitted that some employers do not follow due process but insisted most of the organisations are not members of the JEF.
He said despite overwhelming evidence against employees in some cases, the IDT rules in their favour by charging employers three times the salary for the full period the employee was dismissed or, in some cases, reinstating the employee.  
Mr. Wan suggested the IDT put a cap on damages that can be awarded to employees if the court rules in their favour. 
He said while the Federation seeks changes to the Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act and other labour laws, it will continue to train employers on due process.
The JEF has 340 members.

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