Energy consultant warns of dark days ahead - literally

Stephen Wedderburn, energy consultant, is warning of literal dark days ahead if Jamaica does not successfully implement the 360 megawatt project. He is predicting power losses and blackouts if there are setbacks. Mr. Wedderburn pointed to the increasing age of the current pieces of equipment used at power plants.

“Our plants are getting old; the Old Harbour and Hunts Bay units are really for the most part long beyond their designed life. We could easily find ourselves getting into a period of power cuts,” said Mr. Wedderburn

He said the that 360 megawatt project gives the country an opportunity which it had never had before of adding substantial new capacity along with new technology. Mr. Wedderburn added that if this is not finalised, the opportunity will not be readily available in the future.

Mr. Wedderburn was speaking on RJR’s Beyond The Headlines on Thursday.

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