Family of alleged gang leader denies role in Manchester violence

A member of the Smiley family
The family of Rohan Smiley, who is said to be the head of the Grey Ground Gang operating in Manchester, is denying that it is behind a threat of violence against citizens in the parish.
Mr. Smiley is currently in lock-up.
It's been reported that an individual, claiming to be a relative of Mr. Smiley, contacted the Manchester police, threatening to kill one resident of  the parish daily until the alleged gang leader is released.
This has been confirmed by the police.
A family spokesperson told RJR News Tuesday morning that a police investigation will vindicate the family. 
"Any random person can take up their phone and make a phone call right, and say, 'Yes, my name is Smiley...', so how are you so sure of just surmising and just saying, 'Okay my intelligence tell me (sic) that this person is from the Smiley's family'? This, I believe, is just tarnishing the Smiley's family character; and if the bigger community on a whole in Manchester would just look on the facts that are being presented to them, then you'll really see that this is someway, somehow, a set up," she declared. 
She said the family has been fearful since the threat was made public.
RJR News understands that Mr. Smiley is in custody in relation to several murders in Manchester.
However, Mr. Smiley's relative claims he has been unfairly targeted by the police. 

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