Fewer Jamaicans being denied entry into T&T

Senator Kamina Johnson Smith
Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, is reporting a reduction in the number of Jamaicans denied entry to Trinidad and Tobago.
In 2016, some 416 Jamaicans were denied entry but this was reduced to 289 last year.
Senator Johnson Smith says the numbers continue to trend down. 
"According to PICA, 63 Jamaican nationals were denied entry in the first quarter of this year," she highlighted, pointing out that training and public education should continue to reduce some of the friction that exists among member states. 
Senator Johnson Smith said there is also a reduction in the number of complaints by Jamaicans about unfair treatment while travelling to other Caribbean territories. In fact, there has been no complaint so far this year and just one case, in regards to Barbados, was carried over from last year, she noted. 
The Foreign Affairs Minister was speaking on Tuesday at a media briefing. 

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