Finance Minister intervenes in air quality issue at Accountant General's Department

Oneil Grant, President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA)
Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke has intervened at the Accountant General's Department in downtown Kingston where workers have been complaining of health concerns.
Itching, difficulty breathing due to mold, and a dust nuisance are some of the problems the workers say they have been contending with since they were relocated to the building in May last year.
The building, which is located on Church Street, was formerly used by the Ministry of Health.
Workers have occasionally worn black as a sign of protest.
A worker at the Accountant General's Department contacted RJR News Tuesday morning to indicate that the employees will continue this form of protest on Tuesday.
Oneil Grant, President of the Jamaica Civil Service Association (JCSA), says Dr. Clarke met with the workers last week and listened to the concerns.
Speaking with RJR News Tuesday morning, Mr. Grant lamented that the minister had to intervene despite several walkthroughs by representatives of government agencies.
While he is unsure of the minister's plan of action, Mr. Grant was adament that the problem "cannot continue like this." 
"The staff took up residence before the building was complete, you know, because of the rush to move from Justice Square from the old building to the new one; and having gone into that space that was unfinished, they tolerated it and we had to do quite a bit - there was toxic fumes in the location," he recalled.  
Mr. Grant said the workers have had to take frequent breaks to get fresh air while some have even sought a transfer from the location.

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