Findings of Goat Islands study to be released this week

Indications are that the country could this week hear the findings of the environmental and feasibility study on the proposed Goat Islands project. A review has been completed of the crucial report containing the results of the preliminary study which was submitted earlier this month to the Port Authority of Jamaica and later sent to the Ministry of Transport and Works.

The document will help the Government determine the course of action in relation to the controversial proposal for the development of the area as part of the Global Logistics Hub.

Dr. Omar Davies, Minister of Transport, Works and Housing, told RJR News that a statement will be made in Parliament on the outcome of the study.

"We have reviewed it and it will be discussed at Cabinet and hopefully if the discussion is completed, I will be reporting to Parliament shortly. It is not a secret document, but it is a comprehensive document,” said Dr. Davies. He said the document lays out the issues to be explored in the next step.

The Government has stated that it will adhere to all regulatory requirements, while seeking prompt decisions regarding the project.

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