Fitz Jackson insists dormant fees issue must be taken to court

Fitz Jackson
It almost seems certain that the issue of dormant fees charged by commercial banks will end up in court.
Fitz Jackson, Member of Parliament for St. Catherine Southern, has given details of the proposed plan of action to be taken against banks.
Mr. Jackson has been on a campaign to get legislation passed which will prevent deposit-taking institutions from charging customers fees above a certain amount.
He tabled a private member's bill seeking to have widescale changes made to the regime surrounding deposit taking institutions and made attempts to have it addressed in the House of Representatives.
However, when the matter finally came up for deliberations on Tuesday, the House voted 30 to 29 to block the proposed legislation.
But Mr. Jackson has said that this is something that needs the intervention of the courts and the government should start the process. 
He argued that the matter of contention is not necessarily a condition of the new bill he was seeking to pass, but a rather a breach of the existing Banking Services Act.
He has urged the Prime Minister to instruct the Attorney General to get a declaratory judgement on the charging of the dormancy fee. 
"I am now having to file a lawsuit to get that judgement (but) the Attorney General can go to the court and do that," he insisted, 
Asked whether he would still be pursuing his own lawsuit on the matter, the MP responded, "yes, I have to." 
He was speaking Tuesday on RJR's Beyond The Headlines with host Dionne Jackson Miller.

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