Five die as Hurricane Florence pummels US East Coast

Four people have died as Hurricane Florence mauls the US East Coast, knocking out power to 600,000 homes and causing buildings to crumble.
A mother and child were killed when a tree fell on their house in Wilmington, North Carolina. 
The father was transported to hospital with injuries.
One man died when plugging in a generator, while a woman having a heart attack also died because paramedics were unable to reach her in time due to trees and debris blocking the road. 
A fifth person was reportedly killed after he was blown down by the wind while going outside to check on his hunting dogs.
Dozens of people were rescued from a collapsing hotel as a huge storm surge toppled trees and swamped streets.
As of Friday afternoon, Florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm.
Evacuation warnings are in place for 1.7 million people.
According to the National Weather Service, Florence is packing sustained winds of 70 miles per hour.

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