Five more accused deny being members of Uchence gang

Five more accused on Thursday denied being members of the Uchence Wilson gang.
While giving testimony before the Home Circuit Court, Donovan Cole, Sheldon Cripps, Odaine Smith, Kenneth Wynter and Sheldon Christian said they were not members of the gang or a criminal organisation.
Prosecutors accused the men of being members of the gang which has been linked to a string of armed robberies, shootings and rape between 2015 and 2016.
On Thursday, they played an audio in which Odaine Smith was heard negotiating with investigators of the Counter-Terrorism and Organsied Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC) about a rifle that was in his possession.
On the audio, Uchence Wilson, who was in a police car with Smith and two C-TOC detectives, was heard encouraging Smith to lead them to the weapon.
Mr. Wilson was heard telling Mr. Smith that he would not be charged or killed by the cops when he turned over the rifle.
Mr. Smith was heard telling Uchence Wilson he would be killed.
However, he was assured he would not be harmed.
The cops were later led to the rifle.
Mr. Smith insisted he did not lead them to the rifle.
The trial continues on Friday.
Six of the 24 accused have been released by Chief Justice Brian Sykes, who is presiding over the case.

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