FLA revokes several firearm licences in Manchester

Shane Dalling, CEO of the FLA
The Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA) has revoked the firearm licences of seven individuals in Manchester.
The individuals were the focus of a probe by the FLA following a request made in January to purchase more than 100,000 rounds of ammunition.
Shane Dalling, CEO of the FLA, when speaking at a media briefing Friday morning in St. Andrew, said the revocation of the firearm licences is part of measures being taken by the agency to increase accountability.
Licences for a range, firearms dealership and ammunition dealership in Manchester were among those revoked.
Mr. Dalling said in January, the FLA received several requests for more than 108,000 rounds of ammunition to be used by nine persons in Manchester. 
The FLA CEO noted that each of the individuals requested 12,000 rounds of ammunition in one month. He said this was unprecedented as that amount of ammunition would cost more than $12 million.
According to Mr. Dalling, some of the individuals would normally use between 300 to 400 rounds of ammunition. However, they requested the additional amount under the pretence that they were entering a competition overseas.
But FLA investigations revealed that several of those persons neither had visas to travel overseas, nor did they have that amount of money ($12,000) in their account in the last two years. Further investigations revealed that one of the individuals had a large sum of money deposited into their account after the FLA had launched its probe. 
Mr. Dalling revealed that the FLA had received adverse reports on the activities of persons in Manchester.
He said the last report the FLA received from the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency (MOCA) was sufficient cause for concern for the agency to revoke all the licences of the seven persons.
Meanwhile, the FLA also revoked the licences of the dealers based on an audit it conducted.
It was prompted by statements given by the individuals in the Manchester matter.
Mr. Dalling said the individuals were told to apply for the ammunition.
It is reported that the forms were never completed by the individuals but given to them to sign.
He said the FLA discovered that one of the individuals was forced to sign the expenditure sheet for the usage of ammunition, however, the ammunition had not been used. 
The FLA found 40,000 rounds of ammunition in the possession of the dealership despite those rounds being sold to the individuals. 

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