Food for the Poor investigations complaints about distribution of houses

The charity organization, Food for the Poor, has launched an investigation into complaints from a parish councilor about the distribution of houses in the northern parish of Trelawny.

On the weekend the Gleaner  newspaper reported claims from a councilor in the parish, that houses, constructed by Food for the Poor in southern Trelawny, have gone to activists from the opposition Jamaica Labour Party, (JLP), who were already homeowners.

Andrew Mahfood, Chairman of Food for the Poor, responded to the story on Monday, saying he expects to have the results of a post-audit of the houses by the end of the week. He said  age is not used as a qualifying factor by Food for the Poor, when distributing houses, but the dire need of each applicant must be established, as the houses are intended for the poorest of the poor across the island.

Food for the Poor has established criteria  used to determine whether an applicant for a house would qualify as a beneficiary, whether or not applicants approaches the charity directly, or  through their Members of Parliament.

Mahfood also said that, contrary to media reports, Food for the Poor has constructed 21 wooden houses in Southern Trelawny, and not 102.


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