Foreign Affairs Ministry working with UN following death of Jamaican in Libya bomb attack

The Foreign Affairs Ministry says it's working closely with authorities at the United Nations to establish further details of  the circumstances surrounding the death of  Jamaican, Clive Peck, in a bomb attack in Libya on Saturday.

Mr. Peck was one of  three United Nations workers who died after a bomb-laden vehicle exploded outside a shopping mall in Libya's eastern city of  Benghazi.

Clive Peck served the United Nations with distinction and he devoted his life to aiding the Libyan people in the midst of one of the most severe conflicts and humanitarian crises underway in the world. Our hearts go out to his wife Lilleth, his friends and colleagues,” said Foreign Affairs Minister Kamina  Johnson Smith who described the attack as devastating. 

She said while full details are yet to be determined, it is understood, that the blast occurred during a cease-fire adopted by the two warring sides, which followed a proposal by the UN for a cessation of  hostilities ahead of  a Muslim holiday. 

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council convened an emergency meeting during which it condemned Saturday's car bomb explosion in Libya.

Briefing the 15 members on the events, Assistant Special Representative for Africa, Bintou Keita, said the blast occurred in an area under the control of  General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army forces. 

Miss Keita said this highlighted the limits of  that command in the absence of  one Government and one military and police force working across the country.

The UN official added that ground conditions across Libya require negotiations to ease tension.

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