Former JADCO exec loses appeal to take row against the entity to Privy Council

The Appeal Court has rejected an application by former Executive Director of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) Carey Brown to take his fight with the entity to the UK Privy Council.
The decision was handed down Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Brown has been in a legal battle with JADCO since the Commission terminated his services in September last year.
In January, the Appeal Court denied his appeal for judicial review of his dismissal. 
He had sought leave to take his case to the Privy Council.
In the ruling delivered, Tuesday afternoon, Justice Hilary Phillips, who headed the three-member panel of judges, argued that Mr. Brown had failed to highlight to them the areas of law he intends to raise before the UK based Law Lords.
She said his challenge is more of a personal nature as he is still a public servant, employed as Director of Corporate Planning in the Ministry of Youth and Culture.
Against this background, Justice Phillips said his application was refused.
His attorney, Hugh Wildman, told RJR News that he will be applying directly to the Privy Council to challenge the termination.
He argued that Mr. Brown's termination was unlawful, adding that his client is a public officer who can only be removed by the Governor General on the advice of the Public Service Commission after due process.
Mr. Brown was seconded to JADCO in 2013 as Executive Director.

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