Former Melia Braco GM freed of fraud charges

Attorney Peter Champagnie
Dimitris Kosvogiannis, Former General Manager of the Melia Braco Village Resort in Trelawny, was freed of fraud charges on Monday before the St. Andrew Parish Court.
The 50 year-old Greek national was charged last year following a probe into allegations of fraudulent activities involving two major financial institutions.
Mr. Kosvogiannis was charged with breaching the Larceny Act and the Revenue Act. 
But according to his attorneys, Peter Champagnie and Christopher Townsend, he should not have been charged by the police.
Mr. Champagnie said the legal team wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions to review the case. 
Mr. Kosvogiannis, who is also charged with having two Taxpayer Registration Numbers with different surnames, is scheduled to stand trial in June.
Mr. Champagnie explained that the name discrepancy resulted from Mr. Kosvogiannis, who is a Greek national, spelling his surname with a 'C' in one instance and a 'K' in another. However, the letter 'C' is not recognised in the Greek language. 

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