Game Bird Hunting season underway

The 2018 Game Bird Hunting Season, which will last six weekends, started yesterday with game bird hunters now able to hunt  the White Tail deer for the first time.
The permission was granted by the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) after reports surfaced that the deer have been creating havoc on crops and other plants in the eastern sections of the island.
The 2018 game bird hunting season will end on September 23.
NEPA has warned that no hunting should be done in protected area or areas close to residential areas.
Birds permitted to be hunted are the Bald Pate or White Crown pigeon, the Pea Dove or Zenaida Dove, White Wing Dove and the Long Tail Pea Dove or Mourning Dove.
Under the law, hunters who are caught in violation of the law can be fined a maximum of 100 thousand dollars or one year imprisonment.

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